Inventory & logistics support

To facilitate the training process, the ITMCFM conference hall is equipped with:

  • video display technology for holding presentations, video playback and slide shows;
  • conference system for voice amplification and speaker queue management;
  • subsystem for simultaneous translation, which allows the participation in the events of foreign language speakers;
  • subsystem for audio recording (minutes keeping).

To integrate online capabilities into the learning process, each student can be provided with access via individual laptop to the ITMCFM local computer network and the Internet.

Organizers can record videos and take photographs at all events.

ITMCFM has a library of AML/CFT teaching and learning aids along with a collection of proprietary specialized on-line training courses.

To maximize the effectiveness of the educational process, students are taught by highly qualified teachers with deep AML/CFT knowledge, professional competences and extensive experience.

Medical assistance are provided by company contracted by ITMCFM.