Program of additional professional education

Financial intelligence in the system of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Section 1. Organizational and legal bases of FIU activities.

1.1. Current trends in the development of the international AML/CFT system.

1.2. International standards in the field of financial intelligence. The FATF Recommendations.

1.3. Financial intelligence in the system of economic security of society and the state.

1.4. Place and role of the FIU in the development of international cooperation in the field of AML/CFT.

Section 2. Methods and tools of analytical activities in the financial intelligence system.

2.1. Fundamentals of information and analytical activities.

2.2. The actual questions of the analytical work of the FIU.

2.3. Information and analytical support activities of Rosfinmonitoring units.

2.4. Methodology of financial analysis in the field of AML/CFT.

2.5. Features of the preparation of analytical documents.

Section 3. National AML/CFT system in the Russian Federation.

3.1. General characteristics and main directions of development of the national AML/CFT system in the Russian Federation.

3.2. Activity of law enforcement bodies in the field of AML/CFT in the Russian Federation.

3.3. Activity of AML/CFT supervisory authorities in the Russian Federation.

3.4. The role of public institutions and organizations in AML/CFT.

Section 4. The main activities of Rosfinmonitoring.

4.1. Features of organizing and conducting of financial investigations in combating money laundering.

4.2. Features of organizing and conducting financial investigations in combating of financing terrorism.

4.3. Features of organizing and implementation of supervisory activities for AML/CFT purposes.

4.4. Features of macroanalytical and typological research for AML/CFT purposes.

4.5. Features of the organization of interdepartmental interaction and coordination for AML/CFT purposes.

4.6. Actual question provide information and technological support of activities Rosfinmonitoring.

4.7. Actual question provide of security and protection of information.